How can I apply for a visa to temporarily reside in Panama?

Under the Self Economic Solvency program, you may be granted temporary residency status if you invest US$300,000 in a fixed-term deposit with a local bank in Panama, buy real estate, or mix the two. The investment amount must be increased by US$2,000 for each dependent.

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Is it simple to become a citizen of Panama?

Being a resident in Panama is a relatively simple and quick process, and after only five years, one can apply for citizenship. Making a bank deposit from your bank account, starting a business, or making an investment are all ways to begin your Panama residency.

Panama is now ranked as the world's best retirement destination. The cost of living is meager, as is the crime rate, the climate is warm all year, health care is excellent, Panama even has a new John Hopkins Hospital, the food is superb, the airport offers international flights, and it is only 2 1/2 hours to Miami, the roads are excellent, as are cell phone service, high-speed internet, and cable TV. Panama has created one of the most tempting special benefit programs for foreign residents and retirees today. The following are some of the programs.


How can I register as a Panama resident?

An investor with a minimum investment of $40,000 is eligible for a permanent resident visa from Panama. An official forestry project must be the recipient of the golden visa investment. The investor, spouse, and dependent children will receive a residence visa in exchange, and they may ultimately become citizens.


Why You Should Apply for a Permanent Residence in Panama

  • After five years, you can seek to become a Panamanian citizen.

The procedure is simple and affordable.

  • In Panama, starting a business is inexpensive and takes a minimal bank deposit to be eligible.
  • There are no criteria for a minimum income.
  • You may keep your Panamanian residence without moving there.
  • Spanish, a simple language to learn, is spoken in Panama.
  • The nation's economy is constantly expanding.

Why become a citizen of Panama?

Panama's lovely Central American nation is well-known for its top-notch passport and fantastic banking options.

Panama is a Spanish-speaking nation, but it also speaks English as well as it can.

Among the most liberated nations in the world is Panama.

After two years of holding a temporary residency, you will be eligible for a permanent resident visa in Panama, granting you the ability to live and work there indefinitely.

You can also become a citizen of Panama.

To obtain a Panama passport, follow these steps.


Can you hold two nationalities in Panama?

Dual citizenship is an option. Thus you do not need to renounce your current citizenship to become a citizen of Panama.

Due to Panama's jus soli, or "right of the land," principle, any children you have while living there will be granted Panamanian citizenship at birth.


Panama's Taxes and Living Expenses

Due to Panama's territorial tax structure, only income and capital gains generated in Panama are subject to taxation. The personal income tax rate is 25%, while capital gains are taxed at 10%.

Maintaining your second residence or working toward your second passport is not contingent on residing in Panama.

The reality is that you may survive on as little as $1,500 a month. Both local food and transportation are inexpensive and widely available


Residence in Panama

Purchasing real estate is another choice for people seeking permanent residence in Panama. Anyone who makes a $300,000+ real estate investment in Panama is eligible to seek residency right away and citizenship five years later.

Most readers will probably discover that applying through the "Friendly Nations Visa" program is more convenient and affordable.

With a little more than $5,000, a trip to Panama, and the completion of a few documents, citizens of 50 different nations can get instant permanent residency.

The United States, Australia, Japan, Hungary, and other industrialized nations are among the 50 countries that make up the Friendly Nations Program. Even some developing nations like South Africa and Argentina are included. Panama is making every effort to entice top talent.

The Central American nation understands that the best way to expand its most crucial industries is to make it simple for talented foreigners to invest, launch businesses, live, and immigrate there. This realization sets it apart from most other countries (but strikingly similar to those like Singapore during its growth stage).


Documents and General Requirements

A Panamanian attorney must handle all visa applications (we can refer you to one). Except for the minimum legal age of 18 years, there is no age limit for applying for any of these visas. Children under 18 will be eligible for a visa as dependents of their parents.

1. A notary and the Panamanian consulate nearest you, or a notary and the Apostille, must certify all foreign documents before they can be presented to Panamanian authorities.

2.  The Hague Convention of 1961's Apostille is a

quicker document authentication method. It is often received through the

Secretary of State in your state (in the United States) or the Foreign Office(in Britain). Please verify with the Panamanian Embassy or Consulate in your hometown for Canada.

3. The validity of passports must be at least one year, and all supporting documentation must be current (within two months of the visa application).

4. Dependents: Bring your marriage license. You must if your children under the age of 18 are to be covered by your visa.

5. Bring a copy of the marriage license and dependents. You must produce new birth certificates if your visa is intended to cover your children under 18.

6. You must take an HIV test and submit a health certificate to Panama for all visa applications.

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