Do You Qualify for a Passport if you owe taxes? What Should You Do If You owe the IRS?

In the past year, an amendment to the law allowed the authority of the Internal Revenue Service to control your passport. If, however, you're paying a plan to pay, you could still be eligible to get the passport.

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If you're owed by the IRS and aren't paying through a plan to pay. This is what you should be aware of about the IRS and taxes and your passport.

When Does the IRS Accept Your Passport?

The answer to the query "Can you get a passport if you owe taxes?" was "yes," at least all the time. In the coming year 2000, the IRS will start notifying State Departments State Department of seriously delinquent tax debts. This process is known as "certification." If the State Department receives a certification from the IRS, the taxpayer will not be able to leave the country. The State Department will not issue an additional passport (or an application for a passport renewal).

You may not be permitted to use your current passport. Following IRS Chapter 7345 of the Internal Revenue Code, they can limit its use or eradicate it. The IRS cannot only be able to certify tax debts under these conditions: Your tax liability is $50k or more. (This isn't quite so generous as it could appear. The $50,000 threshold is subject to penalties and interest, which could quickly add up.)

The IRS has issued an official notice of tax lien, and you've already attended the Collection Due Process hearing under IRC SS 6320, or perhaps you've been unable to file it, or the IRS has placed a levy on you. Even if you are owed IRS money, you may still apply for passports if these situations apply to you: You've signed an installment agreement that you're paying for as the terms are. You've resolved the debt with IRS through the offer of compromise and the Justice Department via a settlement agreement.

The IRS has informed you of a levy or lien; however, you've asked for a Collection Due Process hearing. You've asked for "Innocent Spouse Relief," and the IRS has agreed to cease the collection activities against you.

How to Determine Whether You Owe the IRS

Usually, If you have to pay the IRS at least $50,000 and they're at a moment where they can take your property by way of a levy or lien, you know it, you're dealing with tax issues. Furthermore, the IRS will notify you via mail if they intend to investigate your passport. If you're unsure of the amount you owe, here's how to figure it out: Individual taxpayers can dial 1- (800) 829-1040, 

What Should You Do If You Owe the IRS and Need a Passport

The IRS is not the most loved federal government agency. But, they offer various ways for taxpayers to be back to favor them. To find out more about what you can do if you have a debt to the IRS and are unable to pay, the following guidelines might be helpful:

Seven Options You Should Consider If  taxes aren't paid in Full In full

5 Great Solutions If Taxes aren't paying.

If you're worried that the IRS is looking to seize your passport, the quickest option (aside from paying the balance in full and immediately) is likely to establish the installment program. You'll receive the passport as long as you've got an installment plan in place and you're paying the amount the plan was arranged for.

Do You Qualify for Passports if You owe Taxes?

There's no reason to be anxious; You can obtain an identity card if you owe taxes, so long as your tax obligations haven't become "seriously delinquent" or you've agreed to pay the tax in conjunction with IRS.

What happens if you apply for a passport only to discover that you do not meet the requirements due to taxes that you owe?

If that's the scenario, you will be notified that, in that case, the Department of State will hold your application for 90 days to allow you to resolve the issue by the IRS. During this period, You can pay off your tax debt in full and make sure that any errors are resolved or acceptable payment arrangements. Once you're off of the IRS "naughty list," they'll notify the State Department within 30 days, and you'll be able to apply for a passport.

Once you've received confirmation that the IRS has cleared your name, we'll help you get back on track. We'll help expedite the passport application process and get your passport back to you within 24 hours, without the requirement to schedule an appointment or stand in lines at a passport bureau.

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