Do You Need a Passport To Go To St Thomas?

Away beyond the hidden gems of tourism, a nestled treasure in the heart of the Caribbean, there is something to excite the US and world tourists. Cuddled in the Virgin Islands bloomed like Daisy, here is St Thomas to infuse a rhythm of tourism trance. 

St. Thomas is part of the United States (US); for the question Do you need a passport to go to St Thomas? The answer is that US citizens do not require a passport to go to St Thomas because of its affiliation within the US territory. However, US nationals must prove their identity by a NID (National ID) Driver's license or green card to visit St. Thomas. 

This is a Caribbean Sea-cupped Island that lies around the Virgin Islands precincts. The oceanic terra firma is better known for its specialty of snorkeling, swimming, seaside dazzlement, and sailing. With the cherished Caribbean flora, emancipated history, and cultural inspiration, visitors can grasp an aura of sensation anywhere they roam around the island. 

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Is St Thomas Part of the US

Though the US borders seem to encompass Canada, Mexico, and Chile, the marine borders of the US are far expanded, touching Japan and Greenland. So, is St Thomas a US territory? As understood by the fact that St Thomas lies within the Virgin Islands, it is jurisdictionally part of the United States. This mandate enables US citizens to go to Saint Thomas without a passport.

Formally the Virgin Islands recline in the Caribbean Sea within the US marine boundary. Hence St Thomas dunks inside the Caribbean Sea together with Water Island, Hassel Island, and St Croix to be collectively Archipelago to form a county-equivalent part of the US. Thus, passport for St. Thomas isn’t a compulsion.

St Thomas is formally a constituency of the United States Virgin Islands (USVI). Being a dazzlingly spunky part of the USVI, Saint Thomas is a jumbled territory of the United States’ exotic marine expansions. The official territorial provincial headquarters of St Thomas is the port of Charlotte Amalie, situated on the island. 

With that having said, St Thomas travel requirements are essential to figuring out so that nothing hurdles in the term of your dream tourist destination. 

Being part of the US, the flying to St Thomas is treated as gets in the rest of the States for US residents. Buying a property or villa in St Thomas or St Croix is viable for US nationals, so how come a touring travel can be denied, provided you must prove your identity as a legal citizen of the United States? 

St Thomas to St Croix

Travel Requirements and Cultural and Other Differences

Spread over the Virgin Islands, St Thomas and St Croix are the wingy islets in the Virgin Islands (Archipelago). Most often, the majority of tourism services offer dual packages to explore St Croix alongside St Thomas. Exorbitant tours to the Virgin Islands normally recline from Saint Thomas to Saint Croix. So when it comes to St Crois Vs St Thomas, that means a tourist needs to be familiar with the insight to hit the trip around these two sister islets of the Archipelago. 


In terms of discussing the specialties of both island parts, beaches scroll up at the top. Likewise, their similarity and close proximity turn them indispensable tour routes worth visiting. St. 

Thomas and St. Croix possess some of the Caribbean’s most recherché beaches counted as the far-flung beaches of the US. Both Caribbean beaches share the symmetry of stunning white sand shores with credible palm trees and coconut. 

The deep blue sea seems to be kissing a high-cloudy blue sky with crystally blue waters. If you tend to rejoice in the beach, you can find both beachy destinations in USVI to be ideal coastline getaways in the Caribbean Sea. 

Cultural Diversity

The USVI had been a long-standing battlefield between a number of dominant countries. Spain and Denmark, following France, had been trying to capture Midway Island in the Caribbean. 

So, St Thomas and St Croix along with other parts of the USVI are true depiction of the multicultural spectrum. You can see the touch of Spanish Architectural style houses, villas, and apartments. 

While French food and Danish style interior give the feel of the beyond US aura here.

Worth Visiting Beaches of the Two Islands

Magen’s Beach and Coki Beach are worthwhile spaces of St Thomas Island, while Turtle Beach, Cane Bay Beach, and magnificent Sandy Point Beach are the iconic beaches of St Croix Island. 

However, culture and exoticness fathom significant variances between the two oceanic tourist spots.

Marine Magic Activities in the Two Islands

The Virgin Islands is inhabited thanks to St Thomas and St Croix. Regardless of their individual sizes and wonders, there are some awe-inspiring aquarium fests around the two islands. 

St Thomas and St Croix share a plethora of marine fest activities and are attuned with tourism services such as 

  • Beach Flares, 
  • Scuba 
  • Umbrellas-Expand Town 
  • Snorkeling Activities. 
  • Fishing 
  • Delectable Danish and Spanish Foods

However, St Croix is comparably hectic, rendering it an unsuitable place to explore for tranquility seekers.

Travel Requirements For St Thomas to St Croix

You must have grasped that both islands of the USVI (United States Virgin Islands) are the branchy islets of the US in the Caribbean. 

So, the same travel regulations apply to either of the Islands. 

Though St Croix is of the same status as St Thomas, thus no passport is required either for St Croix. A tourist who landed on Saint Thomas Island can also legally visit Saint Croix. 

Thereby, you can travel both islands and tiny islets alongside the same route without facing the trouble of immigration encounters.

Travel Requirements For the US Passport Holders

Owing to being part of the US, St Croix hosts open-door tourism hospitality to US passport holders. No matter wherever they live or whatever other nationality they hold, if they have a magenta passport from the United States, they can travel without tucking their passport in hand.

 Somehow, professional tourism companies like us recommend keeping the passport en route despite not needing the passport. You must carry your US NID or driver's license to enter St Thomas or St Croix for tourism purposes. 

If you are traveling outside the US borders, you must produce your US passport for touring the islands. Otherwise, your entry will be thwarted. 

A US nationality holder must possess the following documents to enter the islands.

  • US NID (National ID)
  • Green Card (US)
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Passport (For mere identity)
  • A State-Issued Card of Govt Employment 

Travel Requirements For the Non-US Passport Holders

Though St Thomas and St Croix are marvels of beachy beauty, they attract marine charisma lovers worldwide. 

So, a flock of tourists from other world countries is inclined to travel to the Virgin Islands of the US. So, a foreign tourist needs to hold both a passport for St Thomas and a valid tourist (visit) visa to explore the islands. 

The ST Thomas entry requirements for some tourists do not need a Visa as their country may be under the visa-free countries list. Anyhow, if you are not a US citizen and want to travel to St Thomas or St Croix, you should better know the status of the country of your stay for applying for the tourist visa. 

If you are still unsure, you can consult with an online tourist consultancy agency for professional and reliable visa assistance.

Non-US passport holders need to meet the following requirements before entering the Archipelago.

  • A Valid Passport of the Country of Stay
  • An approved Visa 
  • English Identity Card of the Country 

St Thomas Travel Requirements For the Children (US and Non-US)

USVI authorities impose strict entry or arrival policies at St Thomas or St Croix Islands. Though the procedures are even more stringent for children because of rising human trafficking and child abuse cases. 

That is why we advise you to follow the legal parameters defined by the US authorities to bring your children to the USVI. 

St Thomas Entry Requirements For US Residents: children are allowed to come if their parents or guardian have proof of their custody. A US child or children with their biological parents must be with the Birth Form (Form B) or legally valid document of adopting a child or children. 

Each leaflet must be applied separately for individual children. Children under 18 must come with their parents or hold a permission document to travel with their relatives.

 An underage child must be produced with a child-birth hospital certificate with a computerized record on the national database.

St Thomas Entry Requirements For Non-US Nationals: the rule is somewhat different as per the international laws of immigration. The foreign tourist must hold a separate visa and passport of their children to travel to St Thomas and St Croix jurisdiction. 

The children must travel with their legal adoptees to the USVI.

Do You Need a Passport To Go To St Croix?

How to get to St Croix as a US citizen or International traveler, you must note down some crucial information. So, traveling to St croix remains easy-peasy.

For US Citizens

So do you need a passport for St croix? As a matter of fact, St Croix is a part of the Virgin Islands and constitutes the same as St Thomas, so the legal citizens of the US needn't have a passport for entry into St Croix. 

Notwithstanding, US nationals living abroad or traveling from other air space landed in the US Virgin Islands must produce a US passport with previous document proof by which the tourist reached the island. 

Proving a valid US citizenship with the help of an official document is mandatory before the visitor is allowed for flying to st croix.

For International Tourists

International tourists with a nationality other than the US must require a passport and Visa (where applicable). The US govt welcomes all tourists with Visa on arrival categories, such as North Korea and Canada, etc. Nonetheless, you might also have to show your citizenship proof to enter this US territory in the Caribbean. 

Travel Modes For St Thomas & St Croix

Magnifying on the globe, St Thomas and St Croix are found as alien islands falling within US marine territory. So, there is no direct land-touching route to the USVI. That is the reason two modes are doable to travel to the Islands: 

  • By Air
  • By Sea

While going to the US Virgin Islands, US residents prefer traveling by air, most probably. Nevertheless, by sea is also an exploring option. Out of every reservation of domestic travel - checking in online or local tourism agency travel agency bookings are viable ways. 

US residents check-for - for making travel to the US Virgin Islands more straightforward than at any other time. As a US Region, travel to the US Virgin Islands doesn't need a visa or passport for US residents in case of traveling from Puerto Rico or the US to other central areas.

Mandatory prerequisite conditions for non-U.S. residents are equivalent to entering the US from any foreign destination. Upon takeoff, a visa is a must-to-produce for entering the USVI except for US residents traveling from other foreign borders—a visa possession is, however, a mandatory case.

By Air Travel, you can travel to St Thomas and St Croix and other parts of the USVI. Regular domestic and international air travel services are available for the twin islands. 

Traveling from a US territory or affiliated territory such as Puerto Rico is accessible for Cyril E. King Airport (St Thomas) and Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (St. Croix) with the following airways and airports:

  • American Airlines: New York, Boston, Miami, San Juan
  • Delta Air Lines: Atlanta and New York (JFK)
  • JetBlue: Boston
  • Spirit Airlines: Ft. Lauderdale
  • United Airlines: Chicago, Dulles, Newark
  • Liat: Caribbean 
  • Seaborne Airlines: Caribbean

By Sea

During the long weekend or vacation, a limited number of sea tour services to St Thomas and St Croix are available from a few ports in the US.  

Cruise Ships for St. Thomas has become an exuberant cruise ship sea tour to the USVI. St. Croix also encompasses cruise ships' routes while carrying the shipping service in a limited fleet. St. 

Thomas hosts a large count of cruise ship fleets while you can hire a water taxi or ferry to travel to the neighboring islands. A cruise ship visit to St Thomas and St Croix poses to be an excellent choice to get a vibrant spectrum of what the islands actually possess for you! Many cruise services also facilitate the US tourists who need to fly to Puerto Rico to get on board the luxury cruise. 

A couple of itineraries begin on the mainland, majorly from Miami, Florida, and New York, so you can book your accommodation on the cruise online to travel to St Thomas and St Croix.

Cruise and Vessels to the USVI

The cruise ship services mentioned below frequently halt over the Virgin Islands. You can book your reservation to the USVI to Visit the Islands by the following regular cruise fleets.

  • Carnival Cruise Line
  • The Celebrity Cruise Line Disney
  • Caribbean Cruise Line
  • Holland America Cruise Line
  • Norwegian Cruise Service Line
  • Premiere Cruise Services
  • Princess Cruise Services
  • Royal Caribbean Int. Cruise
  • Seabourn Cruise Line
  • Sun Cruise Services
  • Topaz Int’l Shipping Services

Travel By Private Yacht

If a US resident owns his own yacht, he is authorized to sail to the Virgin Islands. The islands offer a welcoming aura with a set up to oblige different size vessels for short and long-haul visits. 

Visit Marinas and Safe havens in the Virgin Islands for more data. In case you don't have your own yacht, you can rather charter one for a yacht getaway to travel to the USVI.

Last Scroll

The last scroll of the tourist guide to St Thomas reads out to you to not backpack without valid US identity proof such as NID, Driver's license, Green Card, and other valid government employment Identity cards. 

Although St Thomas and St Croix are synchronous tourist destinations in USVI, you need to plan accordingly in terms of producing identity documents. 

Regardless of your national status, it would be best if you explored "do you need a passport to go to St Thomas?" It is understood US residents are allowed visas and passport-free entry to the USVI. 

Still, you must seek the assistance of your attorney or tourist consultant if you undergo a legal case. 

For foreign tourists, it is recommended to check their eligibility status online or from their local tourist agency to avoid any inconvenience.

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