Application for a Philippine Passport

The Embassy strongly suggests that passports be renewed at least one (1) year prior to your passport expiration. In the following cases, the Embassy will allow passport renewals with more than one-year validity: (1) passport pages are running out;(2) a longer validity passport is required for visa application renewal, work pass renewal, or renewal of residency permit; (3) for meritorious cases.

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1. Book an appointment online

To secure an online appointment for passport renewal/application. Once you have completed the online appointment form you will be emailed to confirm your appointment. After clicking CONFIRM, another email will be sent to you with instructions and the application form. Please print the form.

Follow these guidelines:

  • A confirmed appointment is required. An appointment is required by the Embassy's Consular Section.
  • It is free to book an appointment for your passport renewal. If you are aware of any individuals or groups that sell appointment slots or charge fees for them, please report it to the Embassy.
  • Your appointment confirmation email will go to your registered email, make sure you have entered the correct e-mail address.
  • Instructions for booking your passport appointment will be included in the confirmation email.
  • If applicants urgently require their passport to be renewed for meritorious reasons (e.g. for pass renewal ) may request an earlier appointment via e-mail with the following attachments: (1) copy of appointment confirmation; (2) copy of passport data page, (3) copy of work pass ID, and (4) proof of the need for an urgent appointment (such as expiring work pass, urgent travel, etc.). All requests are subject to approval. )

2. Bring your documents and ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS to the Embassy with you on the appointment date.

These documents are required for passport appointments at the Embassy.

  • Screenshot or printed appointment confirmation email
  • Completed Application Form to Renewal Passport (sent via email)
  • Philippine passport: Original and one (1) photocopy. Passport information/data page.
  • Singapore IC, Personalized employment Pass, E Pass, and S Pass, Work Permits, Dependent Passes, Student Passes or Long Term Visit Passes Original and one (1) photocopy
    • Holders of short-term visitor passes are required to bring a photocopy of their STAMP (short-term/social visit) on their passports.
  • ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS For minor applicants, dual citizens, and people with requests to change passport entries

Get your new passport at the time you have confirmed.

All passports are printed in the Philippines. After your passport renewal application is approved, your new Philippine passport will be ready for collection within six (6) weeks. The Embassy cannot be held responsible for delays in the availability or shipment of your passport.

You can check the Embassy's online availability checker for passport availability by visiting its website. You can also make an appointment to pick up your passport when it is available for collection. You must make an appointment to collect your passport.

The following information should be included with your passport collection date

  • You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your appointment to collect your passport.
  • The BLUE consular collection sheet that was issued to you when applying for your passport
  • Your existing Philippine passport will be returned along with your new passport. If the original passport is not presented for cancellation, your new passport won't be released.
  • If the new passport is to be claimed by a proxy, the passport holder must sign the authorization letter. If the signed authorization letter and proof of identification are not submitted, the new passport will not be released. Note that the Filipino mother/father cannot claim passports for minors.
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