Passport Acceptance Facility

A passport acceptance facility is a location where you can apply for a passport or have your passport application materials authenticated and executed when working with a third party private company such as An Acceptance Facility may be in the form of a US Post Office, county clerks office, local public library, university, and various other government. Some acceptance facilities operate on an appointment only basis while others will accept walk-in applicants. You may locate a Passport Acceptance Facility in your area by clicking here.


Why do I need to use a Passport Acceptance Facility when working with

All first time passport applicants, lost/stolen passport applicants, and child passport applicants (15 years of age or younger) must be seen by a federal representative for document execution prior to being able to work with a third party private expediting company such as In short, the government wants to see all new/child passport applicants to match a name to a face. Document execution with the Acceptance Facility also serves as the first checkpoint in ensuring that your application materials are complete and comply with the Passport Agency requirements for obtaining a new passport. All child applicants should appear at the Acceptance Facility with both legal guardians.


How does the Passport Execution Process work?

After you have gathered all application documents from your checklist of requirements, you will be instructed to take those documents to your nearest Passport Acceptance Facility for your in-person appearance an application execution.

1. Gather all materials from your requirements checklist that was emailed to you once you placed your order with Your personal Account Manager will be able to assist you with ANY questions you may have pertaining to these documents.

2.  Locate your nearest Acceptance Facility (click here).

3. Appear in-person at an Acceptance Facility with all required documents from the checklist.

4. Present documents to Acceptance Facility agent for review. The agent will confirm that your materials are accurate, will confirm that you are who you say you are, and will have you sign your DS-11 passport application in their presence. 

5. The Acceptance Agent will package all application materials into an envelope. The envelope will be stamped or sealed with a federal marking on the outside.

6. The sealed application envelope will be handed back to you. This envelope is what you will send to's processing center.

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