Arkansas Passport Center

The Arkansas Passport center delivers same-day passports in Hot spring Via the life-or-death emergency category. Apart from this category, the regular delivery of passports is within 8 business days. 

Whether you apply in an emergency case or normal passport category, the rule for applying at the Arkansas passport center is your travel should be coming under 14 days (if there’s no visa required) or 28 days (if a visa is required for international travel). Besides, there are many other rules, regulations, and disciplines you have to follow to take advantage of the Arkansas passport office's quick service.

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How to Renew a Passport in Arkansas?

The core requirement for applying for your passport at the Arkansas passport agency is applicants must be traveling under 14 or 28 days. Yet, there is always a rush for same-day passports, so limited spots get filled within no time. That’s why you may miss a chance to renew your passport at the Arkansas passport office at the desired time.

The other side of the story is Local passport acceptance facilities which also assist travelers in their passport procedure. However, the process is typically slow here, consuming 8-11 weeks in a regular routine without any shipping or procedural delay. People who want to make the passport renewal process a little quicker can pay an additional expediting fee, and the timeline will be reduced to 6-8 weeks.

While there could be various legal hurdles in renewing your passport at the US passport office in Arkansas, local acceptance is a smoother way but with a significantly lower pace. 

So, let’s forget all these nuisances and be a savvy traveler with PassportsandVisas expedited passport service, which is an excellent punch of speed and surety. With an easy-peasy passport procedure, we don’t even pass a feather-light passport stress to you. Our premium service ensures you achieve your passport renewal as quickly as 3 days.

Arkansas Passport Office Appointment: 

Firstly, you need to confirm your appointment by dialing 1-877-487-2778. The Arkansas passport agency has no walk-in service for a same-day passport, so a confirmed appointment will save you unwanted fatigue.

Remember, it sticks to your name once you get your appointment confirmation number. You can’t transfer it to another person. Here is the address and agency schedule to make appointments accordingly. 

Physical Address: 
191 Office Park Drive
Hot Springs, AR 71913

Mailing Address:
U.S. Department of State
Arkansas Passport Center
44132 Mercure Cir.
PO Box 1003
Sterling, VA 20166-1003

8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday

All Federal Holidays are excluded

Documents Required When Arriving For an Appointment:

  • Confirmation number of your appointment 
  • Traveling proof 
  • Complete forms
  • All supporting documents 
  • Recent passport photo
  • For paying fees for passport expedition and application processing, you need to have any of the following: 
    • Credit card
    • Debit or check card
    • Bank draft
    • Cheque 
    • Money order
    • Cash with exact change 
  • For passport applications of children under 16, both children and parents should be present.

Processing times

The passport office in Arkansas faces a huge volume of applicants with emergency passport applications. So, only the confirmed emergency cases are given priority. Applicants with extreme urgency or emergency should prepare their legal document file to present it in front of an acceptance agent. 

Requirements for Passport Renewal, Arkansas:

The Hot Spring Passport agency offers same-day and emergency passports in the life-or-death emergency category. 

For the ease of travelers with highly emergency cases, they are required to present their case with authentic documents stating the emergency cause. However, there is no guarantee for the issuance of a passport. Nevertheless, an Emergency Passport appointment can be awarded to the applicants when;

  • You need to travel within 3 business days
  • Your immediate family member has a life-or-death emergency outside the country.
  • Immediate members should be the person who has a direct relationship with you, including your child, spouse, parents, legal guardians, siblings, and grandparents. 
  • Any other person with indirect relations, like an aunt, uncle, or cousin, is unacceptable.

You must present the legal documents regarding certification or a letter from the hospital, a statement from a mortuary, or a death certificate.

Additionally, you have to present your traveling documents, including the authentic airline ticket.

Here is a reminder again, there is no confirmation that even after fulfilling the maximum requirements whether the Stamford passport agency will award the passport in the desired timeline or not.

Make sure you should be sharp on time when you arrive at the Passport office in Arkansas at 191 Office Park Drive Hot Springs, AR 71913. Early arrivals before the agency operations kick in won’t allow applicants to enter agency premises. And late arrival after 15 min is considered as the absence of an applicant. This lands you in cancellation of your appointment. So, time punctuality is a crucial factor here.

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Details: The Arkansas Passport Center is located in Hot Springs, ar. You are able to submit your United States passport application at this location for processing. The usual waiting time to get your passport is 4 to 6 weeks when submitting from the Arkansas Passport Center.

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