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Philadelphia Passport Acceptance Agents

Passports and assists travelers in the Philadelphia area with obtaining an expedited passport, passport renewal, or other passport or visa services.  If you need a passport quickly, Passports and is a private company that works with the Passport Agency to obtain your US passport application in as fast as 24 hours, with services starting at $59.


For help with your expedited passport:

  • Call us at 1-800-860-8610
  • Email us.


We are a nationally recognized US Passport and visa service by the Washington Post, New York Times and USA Today.  our team has been getting passports and visas for over 15 years.

The benefits of using our private passport expediting service are :


  •    We can get your passport back to you the same day we receive your materials.
  •    Our service is guaranteed; if you don't make your trip - the passport is on us.
  •    We provide online real-time tracking of your order.
  •    We provide 4 different methods of contact with our customer service department (phone, live online chat, in-person, and email).


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If you are NOT IN A HURRY to get your passport in the Philadelphia area, then your best bet is to visit one of the Philadelphia passport acceptance agents in the area.  Also, we have provided information on how to obtain your birth certificate in Philadelphia, an item you'll be needing to obtain your new passport.


Philadelphia Passport Application Acceptance Agent Locations

Facility Name Street Address City State ZIP Code Public Phone
Olney Station Post Office 101 E Olney Ave Philadelphia PA 19120 (215) 924-8829
Snyder Plaza Retail Store 58 Snyder Ave (South Plaza) Philadelphia PA 19148 (215) 463-4176
Bustleton Post Office 9925 Bustleton Ave Philadelphia PA 19115 (215) 673-8196
Chestnut Hill Finance 8227 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia PA 19118-9997 (215) 248-1503
Fox Chase Post Office 7232 Rising Sun Ave Philadelphia PA 19111-9998 (215) 745-2201
Logan Post Office 6150 North Broad Street Philadelphia PA 19141-9998 (215) 924-8858
Manayunk Post Office 4431 Main St Philadelphia PA 19127 (215) 508-2969
Market Square Post Office 7782 Crittenden Street Philadelphia PA 19150-2012 (215) 753-8923
Market Street Main Post Office 2970 Market St Room 107 Philadelphia PA 19104 (215) 895-8987
Paschall Station Post Office 2904 S. 70th Street Philadelphia PA 19142-9998 (215) 365-7034
Penns Landing Post Office 622 S 4th Street Philadelphia PA 19147 (215) 923-2701
Philadelphia Prothonotary's Office City Hall, Room 284 Philadelphia PA 19107 (215) 686-6664
Roosevelt Mall Postal Retail Store 2311-29 Cottman Ave Philadelphia PA 19149 (215) 624-7770
Roxanne Jones Post Office 2601 N 16th St Philadelphia PA 19132 (215) 227-2631
Temple University Vivacqua Hall 1700 North Broad Street Office of International Services Philadelphia PA 19122 (215) 204-7708
Torresdale Station Post Office 10380 Drummond Rd Philadelphia PA 19154 (215) 632-3774
Wadsworth Postal Store 1613 E Wadsworth Ave Philadelphia PA 19150 (215) 753-8927
William Penn Annex Post Office 900 Market Street Philadelphia PA 19107 (215) 413-7743