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Pakistan Visas are required for all US Citizens and many foreign nationals prior to leaving the United States. Using our Pakistan visa service, we can personally guide you through the Pakistan visa application and obtain your Pakistan visa in time for your trip!

Easy. We provide personal service every step of the Pakistan Visa process.
Fast.  Expedited Pakistan visa services are available.
Dependable.  Over 500,000 passports and visas obtained since 1992.

Step 1: Select location options
Step 2: Select desired visa type
Processing: 50 days
Validity: 90
Max stay: 30
Embassy fee: $185
Service fee: $89
Total cost: $274
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Pakistan Single Tourist visa requirements

  • Valid Passport

    Provide your SIGNED passport. Your passport must be signed on the appropriate line. (For US citizens the line is located on the page following your information page). The passport must be valid with an expiration date greater than six (6) months from the date of entry for the visa you are applying for. Passport must have sufficient blank pages (at least 2 pages) for any visa stamps. These pages must say VISAS at the top of the page.  

    If your passport does not meet the requirements, we can assist with renewing a US Passport or obtain a new US Passport from us prior to obtaining the visa.

    (Important Note:  Keep a copy of your passport biographical information page for your records)

  • Completed Pakistan Visa Application

    Download, fully complete, print, and sign one copy of the Pakistan visa application form. 

    PLEASE NOTE: the application form is attached as a sample as well.

  • Itinerary

    Copy of computer generated round trip tickets or travel itinerary showing round trip travel entering Pakistan and exiting Pakistan.  Preferably, the proof of departure documents should show your departure from the United States to Pakistan and back.  Additionally, the Applicant's name must be on the travel document.  

  • Proof of Residency in United States

    You will need to provide a color COPY of your Green Card (Permanent Resident Card) or other proof of legal status in the United States.

    If your US visa is in your passport, as in most cases, then that passport MUST be sent.

    PLEASE NOTE: At the discretion of the Embassy/Consulate they reserve the right to ask for the original Green Card or Visa.

  • In Person Appearance/Interview May Be Requested

    Applicants may be requested to appear in person at the consulate for an interview. Applicants of Indian origin are advised to apply in person.

  • Passport Style Photos

    Please provide 4 (four) passport style photographs. Photos with vision glasses are accepted.