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China Visa Requirements

  • image description Valid Passport
    Valid Passport

    Provide your SIGNED passport. Your passport must be signed on the appropriate line. (For US citizens the line is located on the page following your information page). The passport must be valid with an expiration date greater than six (6) months from the date of entry for the visa you are applying for. Passport must have sufficient blank pages (at least 2 pages) for any visa stamps. These pages must say VISAS at the top of the page.  

    If your passport does not meet the requirements, we can assist with renewing a US Passport or obtain a new US Passport from us prior to obtaining the visa.

  • image description Passport Copy
    Passport Copy

    Please provide one clear copy of your passport's information page. 

  • image description Completed China Visa Application
    Completed China Visa Application

    Download, fully complete electronically (typed), print, and sign one copy of the China visa application form (click here to access application).

    The China application form must:

    • Be completed online in a PDF reader (or typed).  Handwritten applications cannot be accepted.
    • Be printed single-sided
    • Use your full name exactly as it appears in your passport.
    • Be signed in BLUE or BLACK ink in the middle of page 4 (Section 4.1)
    • Every question on the application must be answered, please answer NONE or N/A if the question does not apply to you.

    Please take the time to review the China Visa Application Guide (click here), which will assist you in completing the four page application.

    The application and guide are provided at the end of this checklist as samples as well.

  • image description One Passport-style Photograph
    One Passport-style Photograph

    You must provide 1 passport photo. This passport photo must match the requirements of a standard US passport photo. They must be taken at an official passport photo provider (pharmacy, Costco, post office) and should not be taken and printed via a home photo printer.

  • image description Itinerary

    Provide a copy of round trip tickets or travel itinerary (the Applicant's name must be on the documents).

  • image description Proof of Accomodations
    Proof of Accomodations

    Submit ONE of the following three documents regarding your travel to China:

    1. Photocopy of your hotel reservations.  If you are staying in multiple hotels, multiple reservations will be required.

    2. If staying with an individual in China (family ONLY), an invitation letter from the individual in China.  The letter must include the following:

    • The applicant’s personal information (name, gender, date of birth, etc);
    • The details of travel including purpose of visit, dates of arrival and departure, locations you are staying, and who will bear the cost of accommodations;
    • The familial relationship between inviter and applicant;
    • Information on the inviter including name, phone number, address.
    • The letter must be signed by the inviter in China.
    • NOTE: Also include a copy of the inviter’s Chinese ID.
    • NOTE: Generally, this letter may be sent from China via fax, copy or printout. However; the consular officers reserve the right to ask for the original letter.

    3. If you are traveling with a tour group in China, an Official Invitation Letter for Tourism issued by the Duly Authorized Tourism Unit in China. Typically, this is obtained by your tourist group.

  • image description Proof of State Residency
    Proof of State Residency

    A copy of applicants driver’s license, state issued ID, or major utility bill (Water, Gas, Electric, Sewage) for the most recent month, showing the applicant’s name and current address, is required for a Chinese visa.

  • image description Passport Requirements
    Passport Requirements

    10 year multiple entry visas will only be granted to passports with at least 1 year validity remaining. Passports with under 1 year validity remaining will be issued a 6 month visa.

    Chinese tourist visas may be issued with a max stay of up to 90 days. The actual duration issued will be at the discretion of the Chinese Consulate.

  • image description Applicant Affiliated with Religious or Entertainment Industry ONLY
    Applicant Affiliated with Religious or Entertainment Industry ONLY

    Applicant’s indicating a job/affiliation with a religious or entertainment industry on the China visa application require an additional signed statement. Please provide one signed Statement for Tourism. Statement for Tourism

  • image description Minor Requirements
    Minor Requirements

    Minors age 12 and under must provide a clear copy of birth certificate accompanied by clear copies of both parent’s passport information page. Parent’s names in passport should match name on child birth certificate.

  • image description Applicant of Chinese Origin
    Applicant of Chinese Origin

    Applicants born in China must include a copy of a previous Chinese visa or their last original Chinese passport. Please make sure the Chinese Name field is completed on the Chinese visa application form in Chinese characters.

  • image description Passport Requirements
    Passport Requirements

    IMPORTANT: Beginning Jan 2017, applicants who have passports issued 2015 or later, will be required to submit originalprevious passport as well.  If you do not have your previous original passport, you must state a reason why you cannot provide it under 3.7 on the application.  Common responses are “lost previous passport” or “this is my first passport”.  Secondly, if either of these passports contain a stamp/visa from Russia, Turkey, Jordan, or Israel…you will be required to submit a letter detailing the exact dates you were in those countries and the reason for visiting.  Please note that the Consulate may require additional documents and/or a personal appearance at their discretion.

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