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China Visa Requirements

  • image description Valid Passport
    Valid Passport

    Provide your SIGNED passport. Your passport must be signed on the appropriate line. (For US citizens the line is located on the page following your information page). The passport must be valid with an expiration date greater than six (6) months from the date of entry for the visa you are applying for. Passport must have sufficient blank pages (at least 2 pages) for any visa stamps. These pages must say VISAS at the top of the page.  

    If your passport does not meet the requirements, we can assist with renewing a US Passport or obtain a new US Passport from us prior to obtaining the visa.

  • image description Completed China Visa Application
    Completed China Visa Application

    Download, print, fully complete, and sign one copy of the China visa application form. Please complete the application with blue ink.

    PLEASE NOTE: the application form is attached as a sample as well.

  • image description Itinerary

    Provide a copy of round trip tickets or travel itinerary (the Applicant's name must be on the documents).

  • image description Form JW201 or JW202
    Form JW201 or JW202

    Original and photocopy of the approved Foreign Student Visa Application Form (JW201 or JW202) issued by the school in China.  The JW201 or JW202 must be signed by both the applicant and the school.

  • image description Supplemental Visa Application
    Supplemental Visa Application

    As you are applying for a student visa (X-Visa) you will need to complete Visa Form B (Supplementary) online in the fill-able PDF file.  The application must be completed in ALL CAPS and completed in full.

  • image description Note on Max Stay and Validity
    Note on Max Stay and Validity

    Visa Type/Validity/Length of Stay are all dependent on the requested admission letter. Applicants studying typically are issued a Student visa (X visa) valid for one entry within 3 months with no duration of stay (000 day of stay).  The Student Visa will be converted into a residence permit once inside China.  Please note, the issuance is at the discretion of the Consular Officer.

  • image description Enrollment Letter
    Enrollment Letter

    Original enrollment letter from the school in China signed by both the applicant (student) and the school.

  • image description Medical Requirement
    Medical Requirement

    Requirement for applicants with a stay longer than 6 months:  You are required to complete the Physical Examination Record for Foreigner form.  The form must be filled out and signed by your Physician.

  • image description Applicant of Chinese Origin
    Applicant of Chinese Origin

    Applicants born in China must include a copy of a previous Chinese visa or their last original Chinese passport, along with one completed and signed Chinese Particulars Form .

    Additionally, please make sure the Chinese Name field is completed on the Chinese visa application form in Chinese characters.

    If your current name differs from your birth name, you will be required to show proof of how your name was changed.  This may include an notarized copy of a court order or a notarized adoption decree.  If your name was changed unofficially, your application may be rejected.  Please note the Consulate has ultimate authority on what they will and will not accept.

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