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Australia Business Visa for Russia Citizens

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Australia Visa Requirements

  • image description Passport Copy
    Passport Copy

    Please provide one clear copy of your passport's information page. 

  • image description Completed Australia Visa Application
    Completed Australia Visa Application

    Download, fully complete, print, and sign one copy of the Australia visa application form. 

    PLEASE NOTE: the application form is attached as a sample as well.

  • image description Two Passport-style Photographs
    Two Passport-style Photographs

    You must provide 2 passport photos. These passport photos must match the requirements of a standard US passport photo. They must be taken at an official passport photo provider (pharmacy, Costco, post office) and should not be taken and printed via a home photo printer.

  • image description Proof of Departure
    Proof of Departure

    Copy of computer generated round trip tickets or travel itinerary showing round trip travel entering Australia and exiting Australia.  Preferably, the proof of departure documents should show your departure from the United States to Australia and back.  Additionally, the Applicant's name must be on the travel document.  

  • image description Proof of Financial Ability
    Proof of Financial Ability

    Please provide 3 most recent bank statements or proof of sufficient funds to be used during your travels. Applicant's name should appear on statements.

  • image description Business Letter
    Business Letter

    A business letter of responsibility from your employer/sponsor in the United States.

    The letter should be printed on the company letterhead stationery, addressed to "The Consulate of Australia", and signed by a senior manager. The business letter must adhere to the following guidelines:

    • Briefly introduce the applicant (please specify employment status/position held in the company by applicant).
    • State the nature of the business to be conducted (ie. business meetings, contract negotiations, etc.).
    • Specify the Type and desired Validity of the visa (ie. a one year multiple entry business visa).
    • Guarantee of sufficient funds for travel.
    • A closing signature by the manager (someone other than the applicant).

    Click here for a sample letter template.

  • image description Completed 956A Form
    Completed 956A Form

    Submit a completed Australian 956A Form so that Passports and can hand-carry your application into the Australian Embassy in Washington DC.

  • image description Visa Validity Notification
    Visa Validity Notification

    This visa generally allows stays of 3 or 6 months in Australia, although a stay of up to 12 months can be granted. A stay beyond 12 months is ONLY granted where ‘exceptional’ circumstances exist. It may be granted for a single entry or multiple entries within a specified period. Generally, this visa allows people to enter Australia within 12 months from the date of grant. It should be noted, however, under Australia’s migration regulations, decision-makers may grant a Tourist visa permitting the visa holder to travel to and to remain in Australia for a specified period that they see as appropriate. In some circumstances the stay period granted may be less than the stay period requested by the applicant.

  • image description Proof of Accommodations
    Proof of Accommodations

    You must provide a copy of your hotel reservations confirming your stay while in Australia.

    For applicants who are not staying in a hotel but rather a private residence, an invitation from your inviter in Australia will be required.  A detailed letter will suffice.  This letter should include: your inviter's full name, birthdate, and address, a copy of your inviter's passport or official identification card, your personal information including passport number and issue/expiration date.  


  • image description Proof of Legal Status in United States
    Proof of Legal Status in United States

    You will need to provide a color COPY of your Green Card (Permanent Resident Card) or other proof of legal status in the United States.

    If you are not a Green Card holder, and you are in the United States on a visa, you will need to include a copy of your current valid visa with a copy of your current I-94 with clear proof of duration of stay.  

    If your US visa is in your passport, as in most cases, then that passport MUST be sent. PLEASE NOTE: At the discretion of the Embassy/Consulate they reserve the right to ask for the original Green Card or Visa.

    You may print out a copy of your current I-94 via the Department of Homeland Security website -


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