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How long does it take to obtain a Turkey visa?

Typically, a visa takes anywhere from 2 days to 15+ days to process in the Turkey Embassy/Consulate depending on the consulate that we need to send the application. The processing time for a visa is dependent on several factors and can change without notice at the consulate's discretion. Please refer to our service selection page for the most up-to-date processing times for Turkey visas:

What is the difference between a passport and a Turkey visa?

A passport is an official government document that certifies one's identity and citizenship.  The passport serves two purposes; to regain entry to the country of citizenship (i.e. the United States) and is a requirement by many countries to gain entry to the country you are visiting.
A Turkey visa is an official government document that temporarily authorizes you to be in the country.  Many countries require a visa to gain entry.  The Turkey visa is in the form of a stamp/sticker IN the passport and is obtained from a Turkey Embassy in Washington DC or consulates around the country.  We have staff spread around the country to hand carry your application for you and then overnight the passport back when it is completed.

Do I need a Turkey visa?

All US Citizens require a visa and a US passport to travel to Turkey, whether for business or tourism.  MOST foreign nationals require a visa.  We can help you to obtain a visa as well as a US passport.

What is a Turkey Visa?

A Turkey visa is a stamp or endorsement placed by officials of Turkey on a passport that allows the bearer to visit Turkey.  Visas are obtained from the Embassy or consulates of Turkey for your visit.  "Visit" is further defined as the reason for entry, usually business, tourist or transitory.  There are over 270 countries that offer visas and literally thousands of different types of visas available based upon country, type of visit, and length of visit.