What is the Process to Get a Tourist Visa to the USA from India?

The USA is indeed considered one of the desired destinations by tourists to visit because of the wonderful landscapes, historical museums and picturesque beaches it has. More and more tourists around the globe, especially Indians, are planning for a dream holiday in the USA to witness the liveliness of the country by themselves. For this purpose, they do require a tourist visa. There are many legal formalities that come with getting a tourist visa to travel to the USA which will be discussed below.

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Documentation Required For The USA Tourist Visa 

In today’s time nobody likes to deal with paperwork but for the purpose of traveling to another country to meet family or to spend holidays one must be prepared to deal with legal documentation procedures. To attain the tourist visa in the USA, the list of essential yet verified documents includes the following:

  • Original Passport having a six months minimum date after the arrival in the USA
  • All prior old passports
  • A hard copy of a digital passport photograph as per predefined guidelines
  • Appointment letter for interview
  • DS160 US Visa Application that serves as a confirmation page and stamped plus verified at the visa center
  • A fee paid confirmation receipt

List of Various Supporting Documents include:

  • Proof of funds and the bank statement
  • The details of TAX and PAN along with information of previous year taxes
  • The overall travel itinerary
  • Business Card if you have any

Steps Involved In The Procedure Of Getting Tourist Visa To the USA From India

The process of getting a USA visa for India is quite simple however, the procedure can definitely take some time. All you need to do is follow these basic steps.

  1. Firstly, you are required to download the visa electronic (DS-160) form and fill it out.
  2. Then, you must pay the required application fee for the visa.
  3. After getting done with the first two steps, the candidate can easily proceed towards scheduling an interview. You must be aware of the few details and information such as CGI number present on your visa fee receipt or passport number, 10 digit barcode number that is also present on the confirmation page of DS-160
  4. Then as the last step, you are required to visit the US embassy on the date of the interview and you must not forget to keep all the original documents in a printed and verified form and also the supporting documents along with you.

The Processing Time of USA Tourist Visa

Getting the visa for the USA is worth the wait while the embassy is working round the clock to do further proceedings on your application and as a result, it can both be accepted or rejected for authentic reasons. However, if all goes fine, it will take around 3 to 5 days to process your visa application and will take around a further 10 days till you receive it.

Do Indian Citizens Require Tourist Visa To Travel To The USA?

The answer to this question is Yes, for sure Indians do require a valid tourist visa to travel to the USA. However, it is recommended that one must be aware of the places he/she is going to visit beforehand before applying for the visa. Because even if the purpose is just to spend some leisure time, there will still be some rules you need to abide by.

Wrapping It All, 

Undoubtedly the USA is indeed considered one of the most loved travel destinations which more and more Indians look forward to exploring. All you need is just a valid and approved tourist visa to be there.

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