What is a double-entry visa for Russia?

Double-entry visa:

A double-entry visa refers to the number of times an individual has entered Russia during the visa's validity period. For instance, a double-entry visa provided for one month (the validity) allows the traveler to enter the Russian Federation twice within that one month. Single, double, triple and multiple visas don't refer to the number of applicants or travelers.
According to the laws of the Russian Federation, the expiration date of a foreigner's passport must not be less than six months after the visa expiry date. Therefore, a visa can be issued for a certain number of days based on the validity of the passport.




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How do I get a double-entry visa to Russia?

To obtain a double-entry visa to Russia, one must apply for it at a Russian embassy or consulate. You must complete an application form, pay relevant consular fees, and affix a previously obtained invitation to the Russian Federation from a certified source. Nationals of high-risk migration countries must also give a guarantee letter provided by an inviting party. Additional documents may be required.

An invitation for a double-entry Russian visa must be obtained from a legal entity registered in Russia and authorized by DFMS or the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The invitation appearance may vary based on how and where it was obtained. An invitation for a double-entry business visa to the Russian Federation can be issued on a DFMS form, a certified company form, or by Telex.

After entering the Russian Federation on a double-entry business visa, a foreigner must register with the local migration authorities within seven days of arrival. 

If a foreign citizen applying for a double-entry business visa plans to visit Russia with family members such as spouse or children, they must also apply for a Russian business visa with the column “Purpose of visit” with an indication “Accompanying a Family member".

If you want an invitation to apply for a double-entry visa to Russia, you can purchase it from us. To invite according to the  laws of the Russian Federation, we need the following:

  • Completed electronic application for acquiring an invitation.
  • Duplicate your previous visa, if applicable.
  • Duplicate of your passport.
  • Duplicate of your permanent resident permit for the country you are requesting from (if you are requesting from a country of which you are not a citizen);

Your child's birth certificate proves that you are the legal guardian (when you are traveling to Russia with your underage child).

Cost of double-entry visa:

The cost of the invitation may vary based on the visa expiry date and other aspects.

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