What are the Eligibility Criteria of Chinese Visa?

Why is a China Visa required?

Since citizens from another country cannot obtain or are not eligible for a visa upon arrival in China, foreigners must apply for a visa before visiting China. Thus, applying for a China visa is recommended before traveling to China.



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Eligibility Criteria of Chinese Visa:

The eligibility criteria for a Chinese visa include:

1. Passport:

The original passport is valid for at least six months, with at least two blank visa pages, a copy of a photo page, and the passport's page if they are separate. If the individual intends to apply for a multi-visa application, the passport validity should include the validity of the visa and the length of stay.

2. Visa Application Form and a photo:

A completed visa application form with two recently taken full-color passport photos (full face, bare-head) against a white background.

3. Proof of Legal Residence Status:

The person applying for a visa must provide a valid Visa or a copy of the Legal Residence permit in his country. If the person has a short-term visa, note the applicant's name, occupation, the reason for entering China, and the length of time the individual intends to stay in China through the embassy or the Consulate General of the country is required.

4. Application for the applicant to sign the visa:

If the applicant cannot sign, the guardian may do so on behalf of the person applying for a visa to China. The approved travel agent's stamp and the applicant's signature are required when an authorized travel agent completes the form. A birth certificate with the name of the child's parents on the original document revoking Chinese citizenship and a declaration from the parents must be presented if the child is of Chinese or another country's origin. It is also important when applying for a Chinese visa; the person lives in his country according to the norms. There are several types of visas issued according to requirements.

In addition, the person should not engage in activities that are inconsistent with the type of visa the person holds. Suppressed information or invalid fraud submissions will result in an application being rejected. If the involved travel agent has also provided incorrect information, the travel agent should be disqualified from applying for a Chinese visa. The application will not be accepted by mail from the Chinese Embassy or Consulates General. Usually, it takes two weeks to process the Chinese visa.

The above-mentioned procedure is necessary to follow when applying for a Chinese Visa.

Categories of Chinese Visa:

Chinese Visa is classified into four types which are as follows:

1. Chinese Tourist Visa:

Tourist visas are issued to people who visit China for vacations and experience several places. Factors that attract individuals to visit China are its natural highlights, diverse culture, ancient cities, and rapid modernization. Usually, a Chinese tourist visa duration is 30-60 days.

2. Chinese Business Visa:

China provides many business opportunities such as starting skincare companies, providing additional education, pharmaceutical company, and small-scale food production. If you want to start a business, applying for a Chinese business visa is necessary.

3. Chinese Work Visa:

The China Work Visa is usually issued to applicants who have been given a work permit and wish to work in China. The applicant with a China Work Visa should normally enter China within three months of the visa being issued and then register with the local Public Security Bureau within thirty days of arrival.

4. Chinese Student Visa:

The only visa to study in China is the Chinese Student Visa. So if you have to get admission to a Chinese university or college to complete courses, you can apply for China student visa.


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