Russian Business Visa for Americans

The nationals of the United States who come to the Russian Federation to expand their business, participate in auctions, conclude contracts, etc., must apply for a Russian business visa. They must first be issued with a Business Invitation for US citizens to do this.

The invitation letter for a Russian business visa can be obtained in one of the following ways:

  1. Telex Russian Invitation
  2. Russian letter of invitation from FMS
  3. Russian Business Invitation Letter from the company (can be found online)

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1. Telex:

It is an instruction from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation to the Consulate of the Russian Federation. With this type of invitation letter, a specific number is provided to the foreign citizen by the inviting party, which they should give when applying to a Russian consulate or embassy.

2. FMS Form:

An invitation letter on the FMS form is provided by the FMS of the Russian Federation, a certified government body. To do this, an inviting company must submit an invitation request and provide all required information about the invited foreign national. This invitation contains all foreign citizens' passport information, details about the company inviting them, the purpose of travel, the number of entries, and validity. 

3. Certified Organization:

An invitation is a letter of a written request to the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the US from an organization certified in the FMS. It takes only one day to issue such an invitation.

Which approach is the best?

Our agency recommends the nationals of the EU, the USA, China, and Japan to select the letter of invitation issued by a company because:

  • Issuing a letter of invitation is cheaper than organizing an invitation by Telex or through the FMS.
  • It can be provided online in five minutes and emailed to you immediately after payment.
  • Also, there is no need to submit the original invitation to the consulate, saving you the money. Otherwise, you would have to spend money on postal services to send the original invitation.
  • You can get a three-year visa invitation and visa with this type of invitation if the candidate has formerly held two or more Russian business visas.

Consider these three simple steps:

Step 1: Fill in the form.

Step 2: Pay 55 USD by PayPal or credit card

Step 3: Receive your invitation letter by email immediately after payment

Issuing an invitation by Telex or on the FMS form takes some time, as the FMS has to verify whether there have been any violations of the law during previous visits by the foreign citizen. The invitation will not be given if any violations are found.

Validity Period of Russian Business Visa for Americans:

Business visas for US citizens can be provided from one month (30 days) up to three years. This visa can be a single, double, or multiple entries.

As per the Russian visa policy, the maximum continuous stay in Russia is three months in six months.

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