Russian Business Visa and Invitation Letter

A visa allows you to enter a specific country for a specific duration of time. In order to be able to visit Russia legally You have to have a Russia Visa. There are a few categories in which you can apply for a Russian visa. These categories are based on the reason for the visit. Russian Business visa is the type of visa for which you apply when you are visiting the country for business-related reasons. Here are all the details and information that you need to know about the Russian Business Visa and Invitation Letter.

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Details About Invitation Letter for Business Visa

Business Visa is the most convenient type of visa as it allows you to revisit the country multiple times and the duration of this visa is also for a longer time.


You can get a visa that is valid for 3 months with a single or double entry. It will be your choice and the second one is valid for up to a year and you can get multiple entries on this one.

Process Details of Invitation Letter

The process of getting the invitation letter is pretty simple as you can get it from the Russian organization with which you will be or you are working. You will have to submit the original and copied invitation letter to the consulate to move on with the further procedure. All of this process takes time but you can also get it on an urgent basis. If you apply in the category of getting the process done on an urgent basis, you will have to proceed with an application. In the application, you will have to mention the reason for which you are getting the process done on an urgent basis, along with an additional fee charged.

Requirements for Application

Here is the list and details of all the required documents.

Russian Business Visa requires an original and copied form of invitation letter for a business visa.

• A copy of your passport, the main thing to note is that its expiration date should be at least 6 months ahead of the time when you are applying for a visa. It is recommended that you apply when your visa has almost 12 months before expiration.

• A few passports size photos. According to international standards.

• One passport Photo should be glued on the box where it is mentioned that paste passport type photo. The rest should be attached via paper clip or pins.

• A proof of employment. Like, an appointment letter from the company with which you are already working.

• There should be no criminal record.

• A proof of Covid-19 vaccination is mandatory for both applying for the visa and while traveling to the country as well.

• It is mandatory to submit the covid-19 test result reports with the visa application form.

You have to make sure that you haven’t made any mistakes while filling up the form because any mistake found in the visa application can cause unwanted delays in the process. You can either download a visa application form from the official site or you can also get it from the official embassy.


If you are visiting Russia on a Business visa then it is mandatory to have the invitation letter as well. You can easily get a Business Visa for Russia after having the invitation letter from the Russian authorities. The most important thing to consider is to not get yourself confused between the Russian Business (commercial) visa and the Russian business (invitation letter visa). Make sure to not make any mistakes while applying and wait patiently for all the processes to get done.

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