Requirements and cost of Russian Transit Visa

Transit visas are provided to foreign nationals if they have a valid visa to enter the destination country on a presenting airline ticket or train. It is mandatory if the foreign individual is not a citizen of the destination country or has signed a visa-free agreement with the destination country.


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What is a transit visa for Russia?

A Transit visa is a kind of document that allows entry and staying on the territory of Russia when travelling to visit another country. A transit visa is provided based on a plane or train ticket.

If you are in a situation to apply transit visa for Russia, you have to review the following points:

  • Validity of transit visas
  • Required documents for a transit visa
  • Transit Visa Costs

Validity of transit visas:

Transit visas are issued for ten days. It is enough time to cross a country's border that the foreign person crosses when travelling to the destination country. When deciding the duration of a transit visa, the details contained in the travel documents must also be taken into account. It is allowed to stop in one place for a period not exceeding three days.

If travelling by car, divide the distance between the point of entry and exit by 500 km to find the number of days to travel through Russia.

If for any reason, the validity of this visa is not suitable for you, you can find out about other types of visas. Below are the types of letters of invitation that exist in Russia.

  • Tourist visa invitation letter.
  • Business visa invitation letter.
  • Private visa invitation letter.
  • Work visa invitation letter.

Required documents for Russia transit visa:

Although a transit visa is not intended to be used in Russia, you must provide several documents. These documents show that the traveller plans to travel through Russia and not stay illegally. It is also a type to check the individual's background entering the country.

Besides the documents required for a Russian visa, you must also submit the following documents for a Russian transit visa:

  • A duplicate of your confirmed ticket to and from Russia if you are travelling by bus, train, or plane.
  • Provide three of your photos.
  • Health insurance policy.
  • A valid visa (if required by the destination country) for the country you plan to enter after leaving Russia.
  • Cover letter: In this letter, explain the purpose of transit through Russia. If you are driving a car, please provide the driving routes. Enclose a photocopy of the vehicle registration document, which contains the information of the owner and the vehicle.

Please note that the Russian embassy may ask you for additional documents for your application. They can also ask you to come for an interview if they deem it necessary.

Russia transit visa fee:

The fees of a Russia transit visa relies on your nationality and some other aspects, such as:

  • The processing time.
  • The number of intended entries into Russia.

The lowest price for a transit visa for Russia is $ 68. The most expensive transit visa, on the other hand, costs 160 $. The Russian visa fees are non-refundable. You can pay it with a bank card or cash.


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