How to Use a US Passport Application Online?

You can apply for the renewal of your US passport online by visiting the official website if your passport has expired within 12 months or will expire within the next/upcoming 12 months. If you are applying for the first time then you will have to download the application form online and after that, you will have to get it printed and then submit it by hand in the office. In case, your passport expired 12 months before and it has been years, then you cannot apply for the renewal of your US passport, you will have to visit the office.

Here are all the details about the USA passport application online.


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Must Haves for the Renewal of Passport

Here are a couple of things that you are going to need while applying for the US passport online.

• A passport-sized picture and the maximum size of the picture should not exceed 5MBs.

• You have to fill a fingerprint form. If you don’t know how to do so, then you can also watch a video tutorial in order to learn about filling a fingerprint form.

• You should possess a valid credit card because you are going to need it to pay the fee for the renewal of your passport.

If you ever have to face any problem or the form is not submitted, contact the customer care services of the website as soon as possible. They will help you out to get rid of any type of problem.

Process of Online Application for the Renewal of US Passport

Here is how you will apply for the US passport online, just follow the below-mentioned steps.

• You have to start your application by clicking on the “Get Started” option.

• First of all, you will have to register your account. They will send you some codes by e-mail and you will have to verify them in order to continue. Provide all the required details.

• If you are already registered, you can log- in using your username and password details.

• Pay the required Fees of Renewal of passport through a valid and registered Debit/Credit card.

• You have to provide your address.

• You will be asked to submit a document of scanned fingerprints.

• Re-read your application and look for mistakes.

• Then you will have to download a scanner on whatever device you are using to apply for the application, scan your form, and then upload the form.

• Check and re-read the application and then submit it after signing the declaration.

Estimated Time of All the Categories to Be Filled

It will only take 1 to 2 minutes to register and after registering it will only take 2 minutes in selecting the category and providing all of your information. You will be done paying for the fees of renewal of your US passport details in 1 to 2 minutes and uploading the pictures, scanning the application, and uploading it will hardly take 3 minutes. By the time you are done signing the declaration, you will note that it only took 10 to 15 minutes to fill up a form and submit it online.

How Much Time Does It Take for Them to Respond?

They usually respond within 2 to 3 days and in that they inform you about receiving the application and also tell you If they have accepted the application or not. If they have accepted your application then you will get another email telling you about the date when you will receive the renewed passport.

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