How Can We Get a Visa to Russia to Visit a Friend?

Russian Visa is a type of permit letter or a certification that you can enter the premises of the Russian Federation. It has all the details of your visit like the date you enter the country and the date you leave the country with the purpose of your visit along with other details. Here are the details on how you can get a  visa for Russia if you want to visit a friend.

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Apply for Russian Visa

If you want to visit a friend who lives in Russia, then the first thing you need to do is to apply for a visa for Russia. In order to enter the country of Russia, you will need a visa and you cannot enter the country without a valid visa. So, the first thing that you will do is fill out an application form and then apply for it.

Get the Biometric Procedure Done

The most important thing in applying for a Visa for Russia is to get your fingerprint scanning done. From the year 2014, the Russian government has made it mandatory to get the biometric verification done for all the applicants, who are applying for a Russian visa. Just visit the Office of the Russian Embassy and get it done while applying for your Visa.

Collect all the Required Documents

Documents that you are going to need for the visa application for Russia:

• A passport with almost two blank pages and six months of validity, means the expiration date of the passport should be six months later.

• Fingerprint submission document/voucher.

• A photo of almost passport size.

• Voucher of visa submission fees.

• Visa application form.

These are the required documents that you will need while submitting the visa application form.

Mention and Specify the Reason for Your Visit

The easy way to apply for Russia is if you tell the department that you are visiting your friend or they have invited you over. The main thing in the visa application for Russia is to specify your visit and to tell them the reason for your visit. So, if you are visiting your friends then simply fill up that section on the application form where they ask about the reason for your visit.

Another most important thing is to specify which cities and places you will be visiting during your stay. The main reason for doing so is to not leave an empty space and to not give them a single reason to reject your visa.

Submit Your Application

After providing each and every information required, you will have to submit the application form at the office and wait for the response. They usually respond within a week but if they don’t then just wait with patience. The most important thing to keep in mind while submitting the application for Russian Visa is, you have to recheck the application 2-3 times before submission and make sure that there are zero mistakes in it.

Prepare for the Interview

After the submission of the application, all you have to do is wait for the interview call. During the time between the submission and interview of the visa, you can prepare yourself for the interview. Think of all the possible questions and their possible and on-point answers that you can give. Your answers should be on-point, brief, and enough for those questions.

Now, you won’t need to worry about how to apply for Visa for Russia? Because everything that you need to know about it has been summed up and mentioned.

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