How can I Get Russian Visa Invitation?

A visa invitation can be organized in many ways depending on the type of invitation you will select. An invitation for a business or tourist visa can be arranged online in just five minutes, while an invitation for work or a private visa takes 30 to 50 days to process.

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Types of Russian Visa Invitations:

Russian visa invitation letter's type depends on the period of your stay in Russia and the reason for your tour. Whether you intend to leave the Russian Federation and return within the validity period of your visa is also an aspect in selecting the type of visa to request for. Below are explanations of the requirements and conditions of the main types of Russian visa invitations and applications.

Tourist Visa Invitation:

The tourist invitation, which includes a tourist voucher and an acceptance letter, is issued on the tour operator's letterhead. A tourist voucher should contain:

  • Travel agency name, its official details, and reference number.
  • Passport details of the foreign citizen, their citizenship, date of birth, and gender.
  • Reason for the trip.
  • Validity period and the number of entries requested for the invitation.
  • Details on the travel route of the foreign citizen.
  • Accommodation address in the Russian Federation.
  • The signature of the managing director and the company seal of the travel company.

Obtaining a tourist visa invitation is the easiest and quickest way to achieve an invitation. In this case, the letter is printed on the travel agency's letterhead, and there is no waiting time like applying to the authorities.

When requesting a tourist visa at the consulate, a foreigner must present a hotel booking authentication with the address stated on the tourist voucher. This type of trip cannot be more than 30 days.

Business Visa Invitation:

Only Russia-based agencies or Russian branches of foreign agencies may perform as the inviting party when organizing a business visa invitation. The agency must be certified by the FMS. The request for an invitation is to be made at the place of accreditation of the company.

The processing time for the invitation relies on the number of entries requested, such as 17 days for single or double entry visas and 21 days for multiple-entry visas.

At the end of this length, an invitation will be provided on the forgery-proof state-approved form. It contains the following information:

  • The foreigner's passport details (in Latin and Cyrillic), citizenship, and passport number.
  • Type of visa, the purpose of travel, requested period of validity, and the number of entries.
  • Details of the inviting company (official name and address).
  • Tourist's itinerary (up to 5 places you want to visit).
  • Individual numbers of the form and the invitation.
  • Stamp of the FMS office where the business visa invitation was issued and signature of the authorized person.

After receiving the invitation from the inviting party, it must be forwarded to the foreign citizen by international mail or other appropriate means.

When using Telex, the instruction to issue a visa to the foreigner is transmitted through an internal communication medium from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the consulate of the Russian Federation abroad. In this case, the inviting person is obliged to inform the invited foreign person of the Telex number assigned to him. When applying to the consulate, the foreign citizen must provide the number rather than papers. To obtain a Telex invitation, the inviting agency certified by the Consular Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must submit an application.

It will require seven days in case of single or double entry and thirteen days for a multiple-entry visa.

Private Visa Invitation:

A private invitation for foreign citizens can be organized by a Russian citizen of 18+ age or a foreigner with permanent residence on the territory of the Russian Federation. To do this, he must contact the responsible office of the FMS.

For this purpose, the legal person submits the required documents to the office of the Federal Migration Service at their place of residence or their registration. After submitting all required documents to the FMS, the date on which the invitation will be issued and ready for collection will be announced. 

When nothing stands in the way of entry and all required documents are in order. In that case, the inviter will be given a forgery-proof, state-approved form with information about the foreigner, the inviter, the validity period, and the number of permitted entries. Private visa invitations can have different validity periods but not exceed ninety days.

Work Visa Invitation:

The employing company cannot begin arranging a Russian work visa invitation until the foreign national has obtained a work permit. But before preparing such an invitation, the employing company must request a special permit that entitles the organization to recruit foreign workers.

After these two approvals are obtained, the employer should contact the office of the FMS to organize a work visa invitation for the foreign national. A work visa valid for three months is issued based on this type of invitation. You are required to register with the migration authorities within seven business days of your arrival in the Russian Federation.

Student Visa Invitation:

An invitation for a student visa can be obtained after the foreigners are enrolled in a Russian Higher Education Institution, depending on exams or interviews. The institution is obliged to manage the paperwork. To do this, an institution officer has to submit the required documents to the FMS. Because of this, the foreigner cannot get a study visa until you have visited Russia on another visa (private or tourist) to pass the exam or meet up for a face-to-face interview.

Study visa invitations are valid for ninety days. The foreign citizen must come to Russia and attend the educational center where you will extend your visa for the whole duration of the academic year.

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