Chinese Business Visa Requirements

Chinese Business visa:

Chinese business visas have two main categories which are known as M business visas and F business visas. Chinese “M” business visas are provided for trade and commercial activities like visiting clients, participation in trade fairs, and meetings with business partners. These visas are usually valid for 3 months. The "F" category business visas are for academic exchange, such as conducting research, collaborating with universities, and attending conferences. These are usually valid for 90-180 days with 1-2 entries.

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Requirements for Chinese Business Visa:

Following are the requirements for a Chinese business visa: 

1. Passport:

You will need to present your actual signed passport, with a duplicate of the personal information on your passport. Your passport should:

Be valid for six months beyond the duration of your requested visa (for instance, if you are applying for a twelve-month visa, your passport should be valid for eighteen months).

It should contain a minimum of two blank pages for the visa stamp (amendment and comment pages cannot be used to meet this requirement)

If multiple entries are requested, the passport must have a minimum of two blank visa pages; no stamps or amendments may be made on the pages.

Not torn, frayed, separated, or otherwise altered.

2. Photographs:

You have to provide a color passport size photo that fulfills the following criteria:

Taken within the last six months against a completely white background and printed on top-quality photo paper.

Be exactly 48mm high and 33mm wide. Note that many passport photo providers offer standard-size photos that are 2" by 2".

Offer the full frontal view of your head with your face in the center and a neutral expression, with open eyes.

No shadow or black light on your face.

You are not allowed to wear glasses, jewelry, or headgear except for religious purposes.

You should not wear an item of clothing that is identical to the photo background.

Your photo should not be attached with your application form and there must be no traces of tape or staples.

3. Letter of Invitation:

You need to provide an invitation letter from your company, partner in China, or the hosting company.

4. Proof of State Residence:

You must give your current address of residence. The document must be either a duplicate of the front of your driving license, a utility bill, or government-issued ID. The document must:

Display your name as it looks on your passport.

Show the current residential address listed on your visa application.

Please note that the consulate will ask for an electricity, water, or gas bill if you submit a utility bill; telephone or cable bills are not accepted.

5. PU Letter:

If you have secured your own PU, it must have the consulate application for your jurisdiction. If you are unsure about the PU or need to meet this requirement, please contact for further instructions.

6. Visa Application Form:

A fully completed and signed visa application form. The application must:

Be filled in online.

Enter answers for all required fields (NA, if not applicable).

List the traveler's name exactly as it appears on the passport.

Be printed on one side.

Be dated and signed in black or blue ink.

Include all other required documents in your visa application kit.

7. Authorization Letter:

You will need to provide an authorization letter, authorizing to submit and collect your visa application and documents in place of you.

8. Chinese Business Visa Validity:

Candidates are eligible for a 10-year visa provided the U.S. passport is valid for at least one year. If you have less than a year, you will be issued a six-month visa to China.

Urgent Requests:

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