US passport cost

Passport Costs and Fees?  A common passport question for sure in 2020.  You have your travel all booked and realize you need a passport.  How much does a passport cost anyway?  Well it depends on the type of passport service you need to apply for how quickly you need to get your passport processed and there are a few additional items you might wnat to consider.

Let's take a deep dive into the costs of a passport.

Please note the passport fees are subject to change so check back with us.  The prices below are accurate as of 2020-2021.

The most common type of passport is a first-time or new passport or a lost/stolen passport.  You are an adult US citizen and have never had a passport before.  If this applies the fees are as below.

New US Passport Fees
Passport Type Standard (8 weeks) Expedited (4-6 weeks) Acceptance Agent Total Standard or Expedited
New Adult Passport Book $110 $170 $35 $145 or $205
New Adult Passport Card $30   $35 $65
Both Book and Card $140 $200 $35 $175 or $235

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