A Guide to Russian Business Visa

What is a Russian Business Visa?

A Russian business visa allows its holder to enter the Russian Federation and pursue business activities. The Russian business visa can be valid for ninety days, for single, double, or multiple entries. A multiple entry visa can be helpful for up to one year.

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Russian Business Visa is Perfect for:

Business people from all over the world can travel to Russia for their business purposes. However, some categories are exempt from the Russian business visa requirement.

The following business people are exempt from the Russian business visa requirement:

  • Citizen of several countries.
  • APEC business travel cardholder.

How Do I Apply for a Russian Business Visa?

The process of applying for a business visa to Russia is not as complicated as it may seem. There are procedures you need to follow and documents you must collect.

To ensure that you have a successful Russian business visa application, follow these steps:

1. Check whether you need a Russian business visa: If so, follow the rest of the steps outlined in this guide.

2. Get a Business Invitation: You can get a business invitation from the Ministry of Foreign or the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Russia. You can also obtain it from a company/organization based in Russia.

3. Fill out the online Russia Business Visa Application Form: You can get the form from the Russian Foreign Ministry.

4. Collect The Required Documents: Gather all of the necessary documents for a Russian business visa.

5. Submit Your Application Documents: Depending on your home country, check whether you need to make an appointment beforehand. The appointment requirement differs from country to country.

6. Pay the Russian Business Visa Fee: The fee for a Russian business visa relies on your nationality, the processing time, and the number of intended entries.

Please note that the embassy may invite you for an interview or ask for documents if it deems appropriate. Once your application has been processed, you will be informed of the decision in your case.

After Your Arrival in Russia:

If you obtain a Russian business visa, you will enter Russia as soon as your visa is valid. When you arrive in Russia, there are two more steps you need to take to make your stay legal.

Get the immigration card: 

When you arrive in Russia, you will be given a card. It consists of two identical parts that want your details. Answer the questions on both sides. The police will keep one piece of the card; the other part is for you.

Register your Russian business visa:

If you want to stay in Russia for more than seven days, you must register your visa. If you live in a hotel, the hotel can do it for you. If you live in a private home, the owner will register your visa. Please give them a copy of your passport details pages, visa, and immigration card.

Documents Required for a Russian Business Visa:

You need the following documents to get a Russian business visa.

1. Original passport (at least six months upon departure, two free pages in the passport).

2. Download the application form.

3. One passport-size photo stuck to the application form (not older than six months). 

4. Booking form from the Russian National Tourist Office.

5. You need support documents for a business visa. It can be an invitation from the interior, foreign affairs of the Russian Federation, or from a company based in Russia.

6. Applicable Fee.

7. self-employed Candidates, business leaders who work from home, and the unemployed must provide a copy of the past three months of bank statements

Cost of Russia Business Visa:

The cost of applying for a visa to Russia depends on several aspects, such as the candidate's nationality, the number of intended entries, and the type of visa.

What Is The Processing Time of a Business Visa?

The average time for a Russian visa to be processed is 10 days. However, it can take 3-20 business days to process. Candidates who want to take advantage of expedited visa application processing will pay a higher fee.

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