6 Reasons for Russian Visa Refusal

Russian visa rejection is unusual, but sometimes it may happen when some of the documents provided by the applicant are incorrect, and you need to correct them. In this guide, I will discuss the top reasons that can cause rejection of your Russian visa application and how to avoid or fix these mistakes.

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1. The provided documents are incomplete:

It means that the candidate has not provided all the necessary documents. Hence, it is vital to check the updated list of required documents on the consulate's website or at the visa center before submitting the documents. The checklist of documents can sometimes change from one day to the next without any notice.

If you submit the application in person to the visa center or at the consulate, you will be informed which documents are missing so that you can submit the missing documents the next day.

2. The provided documentation is incorrect or contains errors:

However, the most common problem people encounter is not that the documents are incomplete but that the applicant is submitting some of the documents incorrectly.

If you have submitted incorrect or documents containing errors, the visa center or the consulate will inform you to correct the documents.

3. Visa support or invitation letter:

An invitation letter from a Russian tour operator must always be presented to apply for a visa. However, there is no need to provide hotel reservations.

But sometimes the invitation letter provided contains errors, mainly because the invitation form was filled out incorrectly. The most frequent mistakes are as follows:

  • Your passport number is not matching with the passport number given on the invitation.
  • The first and last names on the invitation do not precisely match the personal details on the passport. 

Make sure the information on your passport exactly matches the data on the invitation letter, such as the name and address of your hotels, and never put your private address on a visa application.

4. You have Submitted your documents more than 90 days in advance:

Most consulates will not accept the visa application you submitted more than 90 days before the planned date of the trip. Hence, it is preferable not to start the visa process so early. Better to wait.

5. The Consulate can request additional documents:

In some instances, the consulate can request additional documents. Some of the following are:

  • The traveler applies for a tourist visa to visit a small city in Russia. The consulate can ask for additional details about the purpose of your trip and the hotel reservation.
  • The traveler applies for the visa and states that he has relatives or friends in Russia. The consulate asks for more information on the individuals you will visit during your trip.
  • The traveler has been staying in Russia for more than two weeks. The consulate can ask for a more detailed program. Tour operators that provide invitations, such as iVisa, can give this detailed program.
  • The traveler claims to be unemployed. The consulate can ask you to show that you have enough economic means to travel and return to your country after traveling.

6. The interview at The Russian Consulate:

The consulate may wish to talk with the applicant before issuing the visa in some cases. The consulate has the right to question you for any reason.

Do not panic in these cases because, in many instances, the consulate only wants more details about you and your Russian trip. You have to be honest in this interview and tell them the truth. It is a regular procedure by which the visa is issued in most cases.

I hope this guide has been functional to you so that you can ignore the most common mistakes when submitting your application. If you still have any queries about Russian visas visit our FAQ page or contact us.

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Philip Diack is Founder and Managing Director of Passports and Visas.com, a national passport and travel visa service with offices in Atlanta, Miami, Washington, DC, NYC, Denver and San Francisco.

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