5 Benefits of getting Russian e Visa

The Russian e-Visa is a document that allows individuals to travel within a country. To request a Russian e-Visa, people need to visit the official visa-issuing website of the country and select the option to obtain an e-Visa. They need to input their details and pay the visa fee.

Who wants to fill out paperwork, research requirements, went to the embassy, and stand in line all day? But what if you don't have to go anywhere and obtain yours at your home?

Here are the five benefits of Russian e-visa:

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1. Easier to get Russian Visa:

With Russian e-Visa:

  • It will take you around ten minutes in filling out an online form, upload a digitally scanned passport and related documents, and pay the fee with your credit card.
  • After applying for a Russian e-visa, wait for the approval message that will send in to your email inbox.

2. You can apply for a Russian e-visa at any time:

Let's discuss the embassy appointment required for the traditional visa.

First, embassies and the consulates offices have very limited office timing. They are generally open from Monday to Friday, for example from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm.

It means that individuals with a typical work plan will have to miss work to go to attend a visa appointment and also miss another day to collect the visa. So you have to spend two vacation days to get the visa for your travel purpose. And what about the way to the embassy? There may not be one near you, particularly when you live in a rural area. So you need to factor in the extra hassle of getting there and back. It puts an extra burden on individuals with restricted mobility.

With a Russian electronic Visa you can request 24/7 from your home, workplace, or while walking on the road: where ever you have a web connection.

3. Saves Money and Time:

We have seen how  Russian e-Visa can save the applicant's time and money:

  • No transport costs.
  • No need to take time off work.
  • No time was wasted driving back and forth to the embassy.
  • No waiting in line to file paperwork, make payments or collect the visa.

But it actually also saves resources for the authorities too. The Russian eVisa system reduces many administrative tasks, like:

  • Make appointments.
  • Receive in-person candidates.
  • Entry of data from paper application forms into a database system.
  • Scanning related documents.
  • Print visas.
  • Returning passports and visas to candidates.

Consequently, the Russian Federation typically charges much less for e-visa than traditional paper visas. That means even more savings for you as a traveler!

4. Increases Security:

Another advantage of e-visa is their ability to enhance border control and security. It is one of the declared goals of the ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) set up by the European Union.

When an applicant's information is digitized, it can be easily checked through global terror watch lists and international criminal databases to anticipate potential risks. It makes our globe safer for everyone.

5. Better for the environment:

Traditional visas require a lot of paperwork. The application itself is typically several pages long, and copies of the required documents must also be submitted. The traditional visa itself is provided as a printed sticker in the passport. Now multiply that by thousands of candidates. All that paper not only has to be produced but also transported, stored and ultimately turned into waste. All these procedures need resources and energy.

With Russian e-visa, the entire application procedure takes place online with digitally scanned documents.

The online e-Visa application forms also prove to be easier and faster compared to traditional visa procedures. Russian e-Visas also eliminate the unwanted and potentially stressful hassle of conducting interviews with candidates. Applicants can complete almost any requirement from home or their workplace with any internet-friendly device in minutes!

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Philip Diack is Founder and Managing Director of Passports and Visas.com, a national passport and travel visa service with offices in Atlanta, Miami, Washington, DC, NYC, Denver and San Francisco.

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