What is a Second Passport?

Is it true? Can I have TWO passports?! If you are a US citizen with a heavy travel schedule- YES! Obtaining a second, limited validity passport may be the solution for you!

A second passport is a limited validity 4 year passport issued to US citizens who require 2 passports for a couple of reasons. A second passport will have a new passport number, issue date, and expiration date. Travelers falling into the following categories may be eligible to apply for and obtain a second passport:

  • Your passport needs to be in two placed at once. If you have the need to travel out of the country AND are in need of a travel visa for an upcoming trip, a second passport is likely the route you should take. You can take that upcoming trip to Mexico on your original 10-year passport while your second passport is with the Brazilian consulate for your visa processing.
  • Your passport stamps from past traveled countries are not accepted in upcoming travel countries. 

If you travel often and have experienced the time crunch of obtaining a travel visa, obtaining a second passport is highly recommended to reduce the stress of your next international trip!

The process of obtaining a second passport through PassportsandVisas.com is seamless! We will hold your hand through the entire application process to ensure a timely completion of your new second passport. Please click here for a full list of requirements for a second passport.

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