Alternate Proof of Identification for a Passport

If a current, valid Driver's License is not available, you must provide SEVERAL of the following forms of identification to better establish your identity.  The following is a suggested list of documents, which have proved helpful in the past with other applications.  In particular, school records have been very useful.  You may send copies of any personal documents that you have, which may not be listed and they will be considered.  Any type of document which is expired will also be considered.  Please submit documents that have a photo or show your signature.

Certificate of Citizenship
Previous US Passport
Professional Identification Card
Government Employment ID
Student ID card (School or College)
Driver's License (not recently issued)
Military Discharge
Selective Service Registration Card
Report of Separation from Active Duty (DD-214)
Official Military ID
Professional License (Pilot, Nurse, Beautician, Technician, etc)
Union Membership Card
Medicare Card
Welfare Card
Marriage Certificate
Divorce Decree
Grammar School Diploma or Transcript
High School Diploma or Transcript
College Diploma or Transcript
Trade School Diploma or Transcript
Insurance Papers
Baptismal Certificate
Confirmation Certificate
Voter Registration Card
Vehicle Registration or Title
Deeds to property
Apartment Rental Agreement
Previous W-2 or W-4 Income Tax
Social Security Printouts
Driver's License Run Sheet
Cancelled Personal Checks at least 5 years old
Children Long Form Birth Certificate
Employment Records or Pay Stubs
Fraternal Membership Cards (Sorority, Lodges)
Lease Agreement
Utility Bills
Pilot or flight attendant ID

Additionally, a person can vouch for the applicant.  This person must have known the applicant for at least 2 years, be a US citizen or permanent resident and have a valid ID.  They will need to accompany the applicant to the passport acceptance facility and complete a form DS-71 in front of the agent.  The passport applicant must have some form of signature ID, such as a Social Security Card, credit card, bank card or library card.  Please Note: The DS-71 can be used as additional documentation but DOES NOT constitute proof of ID alone.

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