2705972121| 535 S MAIN STREET, BROWNSVILLE, KY 42210

Details: The BROWNSVILLE POST OFFICE is located in BROWNSVILLE, KY. You are able to submit your United States passport application at this location for processing. The usual waiting time to get your passport is 4 to 6 weeks when submitting from the BROWNSVILLE POST OFFICE.

Note: Appointments are required - (270)597-2121

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Opening Hours

  • Monday: 8:30:0 - 15:30:0
  • Tuesday: 8:30:0 - 15:30:0
  • Wednesday: 8:30:0 - 15:30:0
  • Thursday: 8:30:0 - 15:30:0
  • Friday: 8:30:0 - 15:30:0
  • Saturday: 9:00 - 11:30:0
  • Sunday:

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a passport in Brooklyn?

To get a passport in Brooklyn, you must have an original or certified copy of your long-form birth certificate or any equivalent document that proves your citizenship. Moreover, you must have proof of ID, passport photos, and a complete DS-11 form. can help you with your application.

How long does it take to get a passport in Brooklyn?

Regular processing through the Post Office takes on average 12 weeks. Expedited service through the Post Office takes 8 weeks.

Do I need an appointment to renew my passport in Brooklyn?

You must make an appointment to apply at a passport agency.

Where to get a passport in Brooklyn?

Did you know you can get a passport online in Brooklyn? After you place an order at and complete the payment, an account manager will guide you through every step. This will ensure your travel documents are returned safely and quickly.

Can I travel with an expired passport?

If you're traveling abroad, the short answer is "no." If your passport is expired or is expiring within the next 6 months, you need to renew your passport.

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