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Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Seattle

One Union Square, 600 University Street, Suite 2020
Seattle, WA 98101

Contact Frank R. H. Liu, Representative
Phone 1 (206) 4414586

Web Site http://www.taiwanembassy.org/US/SEA/
Web Site http://www.taiwanembassy.org/us/sea/lp.asp?ctNode=3098&CtUnit=62&BaseDSD=7&mp=72

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Miami

2333 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Suite 610
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Contact Ming-teh Chen, Representative
Phone 1 (305) 4438917

Web Site http://www.taiwanembassy.org/US/MIA/
Web Site http://www.taiwanembassy.org/US/MIA/lp.asp?CtNode=2897&CtUnit=62&BaseDSD=7&mp=57

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles

3731 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 700
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Contact Francias C. R. Lee, Representative
Phone 1 (213) 3891215

Email info@TECOLA.org
Web Site http://www.taiwanembassy.org/US/LAX/
Web Site http://www.taiwanembassy.org/US/LAX/lp.asp?ctNode=2837&CtUnit=62&BaseDSD=7&mp=52

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Honolulu

2746 Pali Highway
Honolulu, HI 96817

Contact Kai Wang, Representative
Phone 1 (808)5956347
Hours 08:30~11:30; 13:00-16:30

Web Site http://www.taiwanembassy.org/US/HNL/
Web Site http://www.roc-taiwan.org/US/HNL/lp.asp?CtNode=2713&CtUnit=62&BaseDSD=7&mp=42

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Guam

Suite 505, Bank of Guam Building, 111 Chaian Santo Papa Road, (P.O. Box 3416)
Agana, GU 96910

Contact Fu-tien Liu, Representative
Phone (671) 4725865

Web Site http://www.taiwanembassy.org/US/GUM/
Web Site http://www.taiwanembassy.org/US/GUM/lp.asp?ctNode=2587&CtUnit=62&BaseDSD=7&mp=32

Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in Chicago

Two Prudential Plaza, 57 & 58F, 180 N. Stetson Ave.
Chicago, 60601

Contact Sheng-tsung Yang, Representative
Phone 1 (312) 6160100

Web Site http://www.taiwanembassy.org/US/CHI/
Web Site http://www.taiwanembassy.org/US/CHI/lp.asp?CtNode=2528&CtUnit=60&BaseDSD=7&mp=27

Information Division of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (Taiwanese Consulate in San Francisco)

555 Montgomery Street, Suite 504
San Francisco, CA 94111

Contact Lo, Jyh-Yuan, Representative
Phone (415) 3625303
Hours Weekdays 9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Email tecosf@roctaiwan.org

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (Taiwanese Consulate in New York)

90 Park Avenue, 31st Floor
New York, NY 10016

Phone (212) 5575122 or 3177300

Email roctaiwan@taipei.org
Web Site http://www.taipei.org
Web Site http://www.taiwanembassy.org/US/NYC/lp.asp?CtNode=2963&CtUnit=62&BaseDSD=7&mp=62

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (Taiwanese Consulate in Houston)

5 Greenway Plaza, Suite 270
Houston, TX 77046

Phone (713) 9619465
Hours Monday through Friday: 9 a.m. through 5 p.m. continuously Saturday: 9 a.m. till noon

Email tecohouston@roctaiwan.org
Web Site http://www.roctaiwan.org/US/HOU/mp.asp?mp=37

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (Taiwanese Consulate in Boston)

99 Summer Street, Suite 801
Boston, MA 2110

Contact Thomas T. S. Cheng, Representative
Phone (617) 7372057 or 7372058
Hours M-F 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Office hours are the same for other divisions, unless otherwise noted.

Email tecroinfodc@tecroinfo.org
Web Site http://www.taiwanembassy.org/US/BOS/mp.asp?mp=22
Web Site http://www.taiwanembassy.org/US/BOS/ct.asp?xItem=12850&CtNode=2466&mp=22&xp1=

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (Taiwanese Consulate in Atlanta)

1180 West Peachtree Street, Suite 820
Atlanta, GA 30309

Contact R.C. Wu, Representative
Phone (404) 5321940

Email tecoatlanta@roctaiwan.org
Web Site http://www.taiwanembassy.org/US/ATL/mp.asp?mp=17
Web Site http://www.taiwanembassy.org/US/ATL/lp.asp?ctNode=2387&CtUnit=62&BaseDSD=7&mp=17

Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (Embassy OF Taiwan)

4201 Wisconsin Avenue
Washington, DC 20016

Contact Stephen S. F. Chen, Representative
Phone (202) 8951800

Email service@tecrous.org
Web Site http://www.roctaiwan.org/us/mp.asp?mp=12
Web Site http://www.taiwanembassy.org/US/ct.asp?xItem=139392&CtNode=2315&mp=12&xp1=