Print This Page and Follow the 2-STEP Process to apply for a British Passport Renewal.

Gather British Passport Renewal Documents

Completed Passport Application (DS-11) 1.1 Completed British Passport Renewal Application Complete and print the British Passport Application (C1)

  • - Print and Sign the British (UK) Passport Application (C1).
  • - Has to be signed by both the applicant and a counter signatory.
  • - Signatures have to be ORIGINAL.
  • - Improperly completed applications will cause delay.  Review the Notes for filling out the UK Passport Application C1




Proof of U.S. Citizenship 1.2 Expired British Passport (UK Passport)

Your will need to send us your expired British passport. This UK passport will be returned to you upon issuance of your new British passport.

Two Passport Photographs 1.3 Two British Passport Photographs

You must provide two identical 45mm x 35mm British passport photos that meet UK Passport Agency Photo Regulations.

Please note the photos have a few requirements:

  • - Photo must be in color, front view, full face with a light colored background
  • - One Photo must be endorsed on the back by the counter signatory that counter signed your British Passport Application. with a statement "I certify that this is a true likeness of {applicant name}.  They must then sign and date the statement on the back of the photo.
  • - NOTE: These photos may be taken at your local drugstore or photo center, just let them know you are needing UK Passport photos.

Letter of Authorization 1.4 Letter of Authorization Print, fill out and sign (sign in BLUE INK) THREE UK Passport Processing Authorization Letters.

Proof of Departure 1.5 Proof of Departure from USA

You must provide a copy of ONE of the following if you request is needed within 2 to 3 weeks :

  • - Your foreign travel plane ticket
  • - Your printed travel itinerary showing foreign travel
  • - If this is a business trip, you may present a business letter from your employer. Click here for more instructions and a sample letter.

Proof of Residency 1.5 Proof of Residency in USA

You must provide a photocopy (front and back) of your US Permanent resident card, US visa or US passport.

Order Form 1.6 Order Form You must electronically submit our secure BRITISH PASSPORT ORDER FORM so we can prepare for your documents.

Fees and Payment 1.7 Government Fees

The UK Embassy charges $244 for a 32 page passport.  Those fees are payable only by credit card or money order.  As a convenience to you, we have included the application fee in our total fee.

Fees and Payment 1.8 Our British Passport Service Fee
  • Our Service Fee is $ 149.00
  • UK Application Fee is $244.00

  • Our Return Mail Fee is $ 30.00 for Overnight Service OR you may include a pre-paid airbill to the return address.

The Total Fee is $ 423.00 ($ 393.00 if you INCLUDED a pre-paid airbill). You may pay by Check or Credit Card.

  • -  If you are paying by check, enclose a check made payable to "Passports and".
  • -  If you are paying by credit card, please make sure you entered your credit card information on the above mentioned order form.

Ship your application to Passports and

2.1 Place the following documents in a Fedex Envelope
  • -  UK- British Passport Application Form (C-1)
  • -  Expired UK-British Passport
  • -  Two (2) UK Passport Photos, countersigned
  • -  UK Authorization Letter
  • -  Proof of Departure from USA (if needed quickly)
  • -  Copy of Proof of Residency in USA
  • -  Confirmation Page from British Passport Order Form
  • -  Payment to Passports and for $393 service fee
  • -  Return Airbill or $30 payment to Passports and

2.2 Send the Application to Passports and and relax!Send the Fedex Letter to us at our processing location:

  • Passports and
  • 7878 Roswell Rd Suite M
  • Atlanta, GA 30350